Private ADHD assessment in London

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - 

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The private assessment, diagnosis and treatment involves - 

  • A full developmental and clinical / social history
  • Mental state examination to rule out other psychological problems which may manifest similarly.
  • Consideration given to academic performance, liaison with school teachers as appropriate (done with your consent) 
  • I use gold standard Conners Questionnaires alongside the above. 
  • Occasionally we may do blood tests / ECG prior treatment with medication. 
  • Medication information, initiation, monitoring - often I will link up with the GP so the surgery can provide repeat prescriptions
  • Once settled on optimal dose, follow up reviews tend to happen once every 4-6 months.   

To find out more about ADHD, read on - 

ADHD is a relatively common condition affecting 2 - 5 % of children and adolescents. The incidence and prevalence varies depending on which clinical criteria (ICD 10 or DSM) are used.