Books by Dr Adhiraj Joglekar

Dr Joglekar has been involved in offering clinical services and leading them for several years. The experiences and learning from being at the forefront of delivering care in NHS and independently has been captured in blogs and publications. 

Understanding Anorexia: What the high school curriculum can teach us: The essential first step to prevention and recovery. Kindle Edition 

Available via Amazon -This short book covers the essential and basic information relating to anorexia, the effects of starvation on body physiology, hormones, bone density, and metabolism. A lot of evidence-based treatment manuals and powerful stories of personal recovery from Anorexia are available. This book does not intend to duplicate information already published by other authors. Instead, it covers the typical first treatment session i.e. psychoeducation and covers this in a unique way that offers a fresh perspective. 

The book is a suitable complement to other self-help resources, books and treatment manuals and appropriate for - parents, older teens, adults with eating disorders, General Practitioners, school/University nurses and pastoral staff as well as Paediatricians who will often see patients in early stages of the illness. 

Are you a CCG Lead or Commissioner? Are you a Service Manager of a Community Mental Health Team, CAMHS, an out-patient Service or similar? Are you a Nurse or Medical Leader at forefront of quality improvements in service delivery in healthcare settings? Have you grappled with increasing workloads and implementing Lean Thinking in your clinical service or hospital? 

If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions, this short book will offer great value. The musings stem from real-life settings and considers key constructs such as - demand and capacity in health settings, reference costs, hub-n-spoke versus point to point service delivery models, reducing waste, duplicating operational success and potential pros and cons of collaborations between NHS and private care provisions. 

Mechanics of the Mind - coming out shortly