Terms and conditions of Engagement - Private Child Psychiatry Assessment & Treatment | London

It is important you consider the terms of engagement below while making a choice to accessing child and adolescent psychiatric treatment privately. The terms outlined below - 
  • A referral for child psychiatry assessment may be made by self, GP, psychologists, schools or another health professional. 
  • Payment includes a booking fee deducted from final fees which are sessional, please refer to fee structure here
  • Payments have to be made in 7 days from date of invoice. The invoice note will detail the interest rate that may be payable in case of late payments. 
  • If you have a medical insurance, they must provide you a letter of pre-authorisation, without this claims cannot be made on your behalf. 
  • You are responsible for checking with your insurer if you need to pay an excess. 
  • You should note that you will have to accept to pay any shortfall in the event the medical insurer does not pay the fees in full. 
  • Please check with your insurance company if they will limit how many out-patient appointments they would authorise and pay for in case the treatment requires regular follow up. 
  • All payments, whether made by insurance companies or by self-paying patients are to be made electronically using BACS unless we agree to other arrangements. 
  • For information on what conditions I would assess and treat, please refer here. I may on basis of referral information advise another service and decline work in certain situations to ensure the best interest and needs of the child and family were met adequately. 
  • Any initial enquiries are usually made by email, but I would speak with you on the phone once I have accepted a referral prior to the first appointment. 
  • The service on offer is strictly an out-patient provision. This is not different to similar services provided privately elsewhere or in NHS. In the event of emergency, while I will endeavour to be available on the phone to guide you, you will have to access these services via local / nearest accident and emergency. 
  • I may advise inpatient treatment on rare occasions, this can be arranged privately if you have medical insurance or via NHS. 
  • Correspondence - from receiving a referral to sharing with you and GP / referrer any reports, I would do this electronically. The report will be password protected and password sent to you separately as a text message for added security. I use third party servers / email and fax services (like most of us would) and would not be responsible for data loss in transit or accesses maliciously. Any information that I record and store however will be on an encrypted drive in keeping with data protection laws. 
  • If you are open on my list I will provide reports at no extra cost. Fees may apply otherwise. 
  • Unless you wish to make private arrangements, I will expect the GP to arrange all medical investigations as needed - these may include blood tests, scans, ECG / EEG. GP's will also be expected to provide repeat prescriptions on advise from an independent specialist. You would be responsible for making appointments with the GP in a timely manner to progress the above further if it applied to your situation.  
  • I do not do remote working by Skype etc. I will within reason provide phone advise if you are on my case list / under my care and do not charge separately for this. I will specify and advise you how to get hold of me and what response time you should expect (usually same day). 
  • This note is note is not exhaustive and special circumstances will be dealt with as need be, in any event, you would be informed along the way if the engagement was to be outside the terms above. Please check and ask if you have any questions in regards to the above at any stage of engagement.