Private Adult Psychiatry Consultations, London

I am a qualified General Psychiatrist having done both MD Psychiatry in India and MRCPsych in the UK.  

I subsequently specialised further in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. However, I spent over a decade practicing in General Psychiatry and retain the skills required to work with adults. I am Section-12 trained as well as an Approved Clinician and can carry out assessments across the age range. My private practice is indemnified to work with children, adolescents and adults

Much research now shows that the majority of adult mental health issues start in mid to late adolescence/ young adulthood when the developmental, social and family perspective needs to be held in mind. Dr Joglekar's experience as an Adolescent Psychiatrist thus is likely to suit young adults. 

The experience of working with older adolescents and adults allows Dr Joglekar to work across the threshold of turning 18th birthday seamlessly. The care of an adolescent turning 18 thus may not require to be transferred to another specialist. Dr Joglekar can offer a service for those at University or in Education up to age 25. 

Dr Joglekar assesses and treats conditions that affect young adults - adult ADHD, Early onset mood and anxiety disorders and emergent personality difficulties. Where the cases are complex, high risk and require poly-pharmacy (use of multiple medications), Dr Joglekar will recommend or refer you on to other colleagues as appropriate. 

Please email me if you have any queries - or call 0794 85 606 88.