FAQ: Private Child Psychiatry Assessment and Treatment

FAQ: Independent Psychiatric Assessment of Children and Adolescents: 

Here outline a few of the frequently asked questions and their answers in regards to seeking private child and adolescent psychiatry consultations in the independent health sector. The responses below indicate what you could expect from the services offered by Dr. Joglekar. 

Can a parent self-refer? 

Yes, unlike the NHS, this is perfectly possible. However, if you are medically insured and hope that the insurance pays for the assessment and treatment, please ask your insurer as often they expect a GP referral without which they will not process your claim. 

If we have medical insurance, would we have to pay any fees? 

Usually not. Make sure the insurance provider gives you a pre-authorisation letter and code confirming you can proceed to consult me. This information is needed to be able to process the claim on your behalf. If an excess applies to your policy you would pay this directly. If an insurer does not accept to pay the full fees, the patient/parent will would pay the shortfall. 

Is there a waiting list / how soon would we be given an appointment?  

The turnover time usually is 2 weeks from the time I accept a referral, possibly shorter unless Dr Joglekar is away. At busy times, if an earlier appointment was required, we can open additional slots subject to the diary and schedule allowing this. Please drop us a line if need be.  

Can we continue with our psychologist/family therapist while seeing you? 

Yes, as a Psychiatrist Dr Joglekar would focus on diagnosis and treatment with medication as appropriate and provide you with an expert opinion. Often he would recommend psychological treatments which you can choose to avail of from a recommended colleague or one you access of your own accord. On occasions Dr Joglekar may offer psychological treatments as well, but in instances where a referral is received from a psychologist, family therapist, etc they would continue to provide care to the patients as appropriate. 

Can you provide a private prescription?  

Yes. A private prescription can be provided for most medications. Note - a private prescription has to be paid for separately, this cost is not included in the assessment fees. 

Would you liaise with other professionals/schools? 

This may be required as part of the assessment or at times during treatment stages to monitor progress, get feedback from other professionals or coordinate different aspects of care e.g I would speak with a psychologist who may offer CBT whilst deciding on whether or not an increase in medication dose or change of medication was needed. 

Do you prescribe off-label medication under the age of 18? 

Almost always we attempt to stick with the licensed medications under the age of 18 when considering the first line of treatment. If this fails or in specific situations when it can be justified, we would consider the use of off-label medication. You will be advised of this, given  information, time to think and make an informed choice. 

Can care be transferred or simultaneously arranged with NHS?

Yes, please see the guidelines in regards to this that govern this practice. 

If you have questions not covered above, please feel free to drop a line, visit the contact and enquiry page to do so.

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