Fees For Private Child And Adolescent Psychiatry Assessment & Treatment in London

ADHD assessment fees:

The Assessment usually needs 2 meetings of 50 min and 30 min each charged at £400.00 and £200.00 respectively. The minimum total is £600.00 - this does not include an autism assessment. Complex cases may need more than 2  meetings and additional meetings are charged pro-rata depending on whether these were 30 minutes or longer. Kindly note that where a computerised QB check of ADHD is required we can arrange this remotely, the fees for this testing are outside of the 2-3 meetings mentioned above but we offer a discounted rate of £150.00 against £250.00 for anyone self-paying (discounts do not apply to those using insurance cover). Inclusive of the QB check, the total fee for the assessment is £750.00 minimum. The above fees do not include a cognitive assessment usually carried out by Educational Psychologists to consider IQ/Learning delays, dyslexia or similar. These checks where needed must be arranged separately. Establishing ADHD medication treatment will require 3-5 follow-up meetings on average beyond the initial assessment meetings. These are charged at our standard £200.00 FU consultation fees.

NB: BUPA has their own process when it comes to ADHD assessments, email us for more information.

Generic Assessments:

Fees for the first Assessment / initial Diagnostic workup: The initial assessment (first) meeting up to 50 minutes is priced at £400.00

NB: in line with the tariff paid by BUPA the initial appointment is 40 min.

Self-paying patients may bring a cheque payable to Dr Adhiraj Joglekar to the appointment or arrange to pay online by contacting us by email. A further £50.00 may be added for a block of 15 minutes if additional time is required.

Fees for follow up appointments: The fee for a follow-up appointment of 30 minutes is £200.00.

NB - in line with the tariff paid by BUPA the FU appointment is 20 min

Prescriptions on repeat: 

The fee for repeat prescriptions is £50.00 for routine medications and £75.00 for controlled medication for up to 30 days where it is safe to offer this. 


First assessment / Follow up: No charges are incurred if cancellations are at least 72 hours prior to an appointment. Full charges will incur for cancellations and no shows 72 hours prior to the appointment. Please read our full terms of engagement here

Insurance: Fees published above apply to all insurance providers unless agreed otherwise with them. Ideally, get 2-3 appointments authorised. You are required to pay any excess on your policy. Some insurance companies pay only a set tariff and any difference will have to be paid by the service user (patient/parent).

Insurance - the above fees apply to all unless a health cover provider has separate contracts with us. 

Dr Joglekar can support patients with the following health covers - BUPA / PRU (Vitality) - Standard Health / WPA / CIGNA / AVIVA. Note: work with AXA was suspended from Dec 2021