Fees For Private Child And Adolescent Psychiatry Assessment & Treatment in London

Please note that our fee structures for private child and adolescent psychiatry assessment and treatments are revised periodically, the fees below were updated on 01/03/2020 

Fees for the first Assessment / initial Diagnostic workup: The initial assessment (first) meeting up to 50 minutes is priced at £400.00 

Self-paying patients may bring a cheque payable to Dr. Adhiraj Joglekar to the appointment or arrange to pay online 
by contacting us by email

A pre-payment discount of £25.00 applies, the total in such an event would be £375.00 where payments are made in advance via BACS.

A further £50.00 may be added for a block of 15 minutes if additional time is required. 

Fees for follow up appointments: The fee for a follow-up appointment of 30 minutes is £200.00. 

A pre-payment discount of £15.00 applies, the total in such an event would be £185.00 where payments are made in advance via BACS. A further £50.00 is added for every additional block of 15 minutes. 

QB Test for ADHD: Starting April 2020, 
Dr. Joglekar can arrange a computerised test himself at a cost of £150.00 over and above the usual cost of £600.00 for two meetings required for completing the ADHD assessment. Inclusive of the computerised test, the total charges will be £750.00 

If you require a QB test done on its own, and not as a part of the full assessment, the charge for this would be £250.00 for 30 minutes. Test re-sits may have to be charged separately. Please note, insurance providers usually decline to pay for these additional checks, and you will have to self-pay in most circumstances. 

Cancellations (first assessment / follow up): No charges are incurred if cancellations are at least 72 hours prior to an appointment. Full charges will incur for cancellations and no shows 72 hours prior to the appointment.  

InsuranceFees published above apply to all insurance providers unless agreed otherwise with them.  Ideally, get 2-3 appointments authorised. You are required to pay any excess on your policy. Some insurance companies pay only a set tariff and any difference will have to be paid by the service user (patient/parent). To find out if this affects you please email for further detail with the name of your Insurance provider. 

Dr Joglekar has Recognition from: BUPA / PRU (Vitality) - Standard Health / WPA / CIGNA / AVIVA / AXA PPP

Fees for Training / Consultation to professional agencies: Please email me to discuss your needs, on average I would charge £300.00 per hour and this will include hourly travel time outside M25.

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