Fees For Private Child And Adolescent Psychiatry Assessment & Treatment in London

NB: Discounted rates for virtual appointments: All appointments are virtual unless agreed otherwise in advance. Dr Joglekar has reviewed his work-life balance and face-to-face meetings will now be limited to exceptional situations only. The higher tariff below will apply to face-to-face contacts and for all virtual meetings, a discounted price will be offered. The discounted tariff is £475.00 for the first meeting and £225.00 for any follow-up thereafter provided it is paid within 5 days from the invoice date or before the meeting if the meeting was booked at short notice. 

Fees must be pre-paid ahead of the meeting, cancellations charges may apply as detailed below. 

Generic Assessments:

Fees for the first Assessment / initial Diagnostic workup: The initial assessment (first) meeting up to 50 minutes is priced at £500.00

Fees for follow-up appointments: The fee for a follow-up appointment of 30 minutes is £250.00.

A further £50.00 may be added for a block of 15 minutes if additional time is required.

ADHD assessment fees:

The Assessment usually needs 2 meetings of 50 min and 30 min each charged at £500.00 and £250.00 respectively. The minimum total is £750.00 - this does not include an autism assessment. Complex cases may need more than 2 meetings and additional meetings are charged pro-rata depending on whether these are 30 minutes or longer. 

Kindly note that where a computerised QB check of ADHD is required we can arrange this remotely, the fees for this testing are outside of the 2-3 meetings mentioned above but we offer a discounted rate of £150.00 against £250.00 for anyone self-paying (discounts do not apply to those using insurance cover). 

Inclusive of the QB check, the total fee for the assessment is £900.00 minimum. 

The above fees do not include a cognitive assessment usually carried out by Educational Psychologists to consider IQ/Learning delays, dyslexia or similar. These checks where needed must be arranged separately. 

Medication management - Establishing ADHD medication treatment will require 3-5 follow-up meetings on average beyond the initial assessment meetings. These are charged at our standard £250.00 per FU consultation. 

NB: BUPA has their own process when it comes to ADHD assessments, email us for more information.

Prescriptions on repeat: 

The fee for repeat prescriptions is £75.00 for up to 30 days where it is safe to offer this. 


First assessment / Follow-up: No charges are incurred if cancellations are at least 72 hours before an appointment. Full charges will incur for cancellations and no-shows 72 hours before the appointment. Please read our full terms of engagement here

Insurance: Fees published above apply to all insurance providers unless agreed otherwise with them. Ideally, get 2-3 appointments authorised. You are required to pay any excess on your policy. Some insurance companies pay only a set tariff and any difference will have to be paid by the service user (patient/parent).

Insurance - the above fees apply to all unless a health cover provider has separate contracts with us. 

Dr Joglekar can support patients with the following health covers - BUPA / PRU (Vitality) - Standard Health / WPA / CIGNA / AVIVA. Note: work with AXA was suspended from Dec 2021